With more wineries adopting DTC, the wineries that architect a customer experience and modernize their operations, technology, and supply chain to meet the high expectations of the digital consumer, are awarded a greater share of wallet. Being frictionless is now table stakes. Delighting digital customers is the name of the game. In addition, there is a whole new world of potential wine sales that has been largely unclaimed by U.S. wineries. From an International perspective, 2019 saw 20% of visitors to Napa come from outside the USA, which can represent missed opportunities to win new customers and enter new markets that are currently under-served. Much like the complexity of shipping wine across state lines, countries have different wine import and export rules and customs declaration requirements. International is touted to be the next growth area of DTC wines.

Join Adam Ivor and Dan Fertig from Gliding Eagle and BigCommerce as they explore this paradigm shift US Wineries are facing today. Together we’ll discuss:

  • How to empower your winery with more flexibility and connectivity
  • Prepare your business to respond to the demands of post-Covid era digital consumers and the ever-changing compliance requirements
  • What kind of growth the international market represents for wineries
  • Key considerations for operations, technology, customs, and compliance in entering International DTC sales of wines.
  • Brand building experiences to establish your DTC profile
  • Critical considerations of a customer-center approach to supply chain
  • How to qualify your ecosystem of solutions to deliver growth at scale
  • Set up the right foundation for all facets of DTC considerations
  • Avoid channel conflict and engage customers at scale

Webinar Panel:

Dan Fertig
Dan Fertig, Vice President, Agency Partnerships – BigCommerce

Adam Ivor
Adam Ivor, Co-Founder, VP Winery Sales / Gliding Eagle