The A2C Products Screen Overview

Step-by-Step Instructions

1.) Log into the dashboard of your BigCommerce site

BigCommerce Dashboard

2.) Click on Apps

Apps on the BigCommerce Dashboard

3.) Click on A2C

The A2C App on the BigCommerce Dashboard

4.) In the top right corner, click PRODUCTS

Click Products from the A2C Order Screen

5.) You will be brought to the Products screen. This screen shows the products that you have listed in your BigCommerce store.

The A2C Products Screen

6.) To update a product, click Edit

The A2C Products Screen

7.) This screen will allow you to set specific fields required for ShipCompliant to determine compliance.

Individual Product Screen in A2C

Product Type: A drop down menu that allows you to assign a product’s type. Available options are:

-General Merchandise
-General Non Taxable
-Malt Beverage
-Sparkling Wine

A2C Product Types

Product Distribution Type: A drop down menu that allows you to select how the product is to be distributed. Available options are:


A2C Product Distribution Types

Alcohol by Volume: A text field to type in the alcohol by volume for the product.

Note: Values should be entered as whole numbers. 24 is a correct value; 0.24 is incorrect.

A2C Product's Alcohol by Volume

Container Size: A text field to type in the numeric size of the container

A2C Product's Container Size

Container Unit: A drop down menu that allows you to select the units used to measure the container size. Available aoptions are:


A2C Container Unit

8.) When done editing the product, click the blue Update Product button

Save A2C Product Updates