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GrowBig: Selling Wine Direct-To-Consumer in 2022

Mar 28, 2022 01:00PM (EST)

It’s time to grow online. Learn from industry experts and leading solution providers

GrowBig has carefully sifted through agencies, companies and tools to come up with the ideal
solution-set to grow your digital sales.

Total estimated off-premise sales of domestic table and sparkling wines were $34.8 billion dollars,
including the $4.2 billion shipped direct-to-consumer globally. The importance of the
Direct-to-Consumer wine channel is only growing, with overall market share for DtC wine shipments
climbing to just over 12% in 2021. That’s up from 10% last year and the largest ever share for DtC.
*(SOVOS ShipCompliant data)


  • SOVOS ShipCompliant shares their proprietary data on why online wine sales can drive your
    future growth and how to comply with U.S. State-to-State online regulations.
  • BigCommerce talks about key features you should look for in your online technology stack,
    including wine-industry-specific criteria.
  • iFuel will show us how to optimize your digital presence and grow online
    BOLD takes your consumer base to the next level with subscriptions, customer engagement,
    loyalty and exponential growth strategies.
  • Gliding Eagle shows you how to sell to 35+ countries direct through your site or your vineyard
    without adding addition paperwork to your life.
  • Getting to Global shares insights on massive US Government grants and financing that can
    fuel your international growth.

All run through GrowBigs unique workshop platform to deliver fast-paced, condensed insight that will
not slow you down!

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